Support in Cargo Carriage, Customs Clearance

In case of import of the goods and materials, the company can come across the problems connected with preparation of the documents, control of cargos and customs registration (performance of all necessary formalities in connection with moving of goods or transportation vehicles through customs border as well as in case of changing of customs procedures).  We can help you to save time for the given procedures; our company is engaged in registration and checking of all necessary documents. Our customs agents work operatively with all kinds and classes of goods.

Our company renders services on cargo customs clearance on a key ready basis, i.е we support your transaction from the moment of the cargo transfer to a transport company to the moment of receipt of the cargo in your warehouse. All the formalities connected with the customs clearance do not require presence of our clients in the customs terminal; we can carry out all necessary procedures by ourselves.

Each client can be provided with consulting services on the customs clearance of the corresponding goods and the procedures of obtaining of all required state registration documents, import certificates for particular types of the goods.