Certification in Constraction

The obligatory certification of conformity of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs carrying out architectural, town-planning or building activity (its part), as well as works on inspection of buildings and constructions (hereinafter referred to as the Construction Activities) to qualification requirements is provided by the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No.26 “On Measures on Improvement of Construction Activities “dated 01/ 14/2014.

     The obligatory qualification certificates are required for legal persons and individual entrepreneurs carrying out construction activities on construction projects (buildings and facilities) having 1-4 complexity classes.

      The process of obtaining qualification certificates includes the following stages:

 - Specialists appraisal

 - Obtaining of the technical competence certificate

 - Obtaining of conformity certificate

 - Obtaining of qualification certificate

Our company renders services on execution and submission of all necessary documents and can give you support in carrying out certification procedures for any class of complexity at any stage. Our company has already obtained more than 30 certificates for all complex classes (15 certificates for the 1st class of complexity).

We can help your organization to avoid routine actions connected with obtaining of the abovementioned documents.