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In order to carry out business activity as a foreign company within territory of the Republic of Belarus it is necessary to register:

 1. Foreign company (LLC, JSC,UE etc.)

 2. Construction site (for foreign construction companies)

 3. Payer`s Identification Number (for companies with various types of business activities)

 The representative offices of foreign companies should be opened in order to represent interests of foreign companies (but not to carry out business activity – Decree of Council of Ministers of Republic of Belarus No.1189 dated 12/31/2013)

 All state registration administrative procedures are carried out by registering bodies of the Republic of Belarus. A particular package of documents should be provided for every administrative procedure, which has a particular period of performance.

 Our company renders assistance and gives support on the following stages of the registration procedure:

  - Approval of the companies` names

  - Preparation of all necessary registration documents

  - Submission of the registration documents to the registering authority

  - Preparation of documents regarding commission of appointment  for directors, chief accountants

  - Ordering business stamps

  - Preparation the documentation which is necessary for opening operating accounts,  paying up of contributions to the statutory fund s

 If you haven`t chosen the proper pattern of ownership for you company, we can render you consulting services to choose the best form of organization.

 At starting-up business within the territory of the Republic of Belarus you company can come across problems in (hyperlink to services):

  - Certification of equipment and services

  - Translation and legalization of documents

  - Obtaining special permits , registration, part-time residence permits, visas, insurance policies

  - Accounting

  - Support in cargo carriage, customs clearance

  - Personnel appraisal in construction (all categories)

  - Personnel recruiting

  - Official entertainment: meeting of delegations, arrangement of business conferences, hotel reservation, providing of transport vehicles.

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