Translation and Legalization of Documents

On all stages of business process any company can come across the necessity of translation of the correspondent documents by professional translators.

Our company has a long-term experience in the translation sphere, which allows us to provide high-quality translation services. The translators of our company translate all documents taking into account all their peculiarities. We can certify the translated documents with the stamp of our company or make notarization of official documents, if necessary.

We can translate various types of documents:

 - Personal documents(birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports);

 - Financial documents(financial reports, balance sheets);

 - Commercial offers (presentations, commercial offers, agreements);

 - Medical documents (health certificates);

 - Judicial documents (court demands, court decrees);

 - Custom documents (package lists, declarations, invoices);

 - Technical documentation (project documentation , specifications);

 - Novelty and opinion journalism (articles, books).

We can provide also APOSTILIZATION and LEGALIZATION of documents.

Apostille is a special stamp, certifying the authenticity of signature, the capacity of the signing person and the authenticity of the stamp affixed to the document. A document with an apostille does not require any further certification or legalization and is recognized by all official bodies of member countries of Hague Convention.

Legalization is a procedure confirming that a document issued by a state authority or executed by such state authority complies with the legislation of such state. Legalization is a certification of the authenticity of signature of the signing person and the authenticity of the stamp of the authorized state body affixed to the document. A document which has a legal effect within the territory of the particular state but is not legalized will have no legal effect within the territory of another state.

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