Accounting Recovery

Accounting Recovery

In practice, situations arise when organizations are forced to restore accounting. As a rule, a decision on restoration is made when a tax audit is scheduled. Various situations lead to the need to restore accounting: the unfair attitude of the accounting service and the heads of the organization, software failure in the automatic form of accounting, and much more.

Accounting Recovery
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The cost of accounting restoration is determined individually, depending on:

  • the period for which data must be restored;
  • the number of business transactions for the recovery period;
  • taxation systems;
  • urgency of the services provided.

Accounting Recovery is a labor-intensive process that requires highly qualified specialists and the use of special techniques.

Before starting work on the accounting recovery , it is necessary to analyze the status of accounting, check the availability of primary accounting documents, the correctness of the calculation of taxes and mandatory fees to budgetary and extra-budgetary funds, the reflection of business transactions on accounts. After carrying out work on the accounting recovery, new accounting and tax accounting registers are formed, updated statements are submitted to the tax authorities

In the process of accounting recovery, difficulties may arise if the primary accounting documents are lost. In this case, it is necessary to contact the contractors of the organization, state bodies with a request for the restoration of documents.

In the process of accounting recovery, errors in tax returns and submitted reports to budget and extra-budgetary funds may be found, especially in the event of loss of primary documentation, which is likely to lead to additional taxes and mandatory fees.