Other services

Marketing research

  • Comprehensive market analysis;
  • Collection and analysis of information on a specific marketing issue;
  • Assessment of prospects of demand for a product;
  • Market research in terms of consumer preferences and competitive environment;
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of product sales;
  • Assessment of the long-term market growth potential;

Promotion of your company on the Belarusian market

  • Consultation on all matters relating to the opening / running / promotion of a business in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Search for partners;
  • Promotion of a product / brand / projects of a foreign company in the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Accompaniment / assistance in organizing the activities of a foreign company in the territory of the Republic of Belarus;

Partner search

  • Search for business partners and business circles;
  • Negotiations on possible cooperation / possibility of implementing joint projects;
  • Organization of company presentations for potential partners;
  • Assistance in appealing to government bodies / institutions with proposals for the implementation of projects;
  • Organization of negotiations, provision of lawyers, financiers, translators for negotiations;

Project Search

  • Search for a project in areas of interest;
  • Project analysis;
  • Assessment of project effectiveness;
  • Establishment of business relations with representatives responsible for the implementation of the project (government agencies, private business, etc.);
  • Consultation on all issues related to the implementation of the project;
  • Assistance in concluding a contract / contract for the implementation of the project;