Advice on IFRS

Advice on IFRS

Reporting in accordance with IFRS is one of the important steps that open up the opportunity to the companies to join the international capital markets. The accounting standards of the Republic of Belarus differ significantly from the requirements of IFRS. The main problem that organizations face when preparing reports in accordance with IFRS is the need for training and retraining of personnel.

Advice on IFRS
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Currently, in the Republic of Belarus there are not enough professionals with knowledge and the necessary qualifications in IFRS. Such specialists are quite expensive for companies.

Many companies, to reduce the costs of reporting under IFRS, prefer to prepare reports themselves.

But due to insufficient qualifications of the staff, they are faced with many issues. A lot of questions arise due to the lack of practice of applying IFRS standards in a particular situation, differences in the interpretation of IFRS concepts, etc.

Our company offers consulting services to such companies. Consultation is carried out by highly qualified specialists. Timely and quality counseling will help minimize the risk of inaccurate reporting. It is especially important to have professional support for the first time an organization applies IFRS.

The specialists of our company constantly monitor all changes in IFRS, new approaches and techniques, continuously analyze information, have relevant experience in applying IFRS in practical situations.

Specialists of Ming You, LLC will assist you in understanding the basic principles of IFRS, figuring out how to properly apply IFRS standards and to understand each specific situation.