Certificate of Technical Competence

Certificate of Technical Competence

According to TKP 45-1.01-221-2010 of the Republic of Belarus, organizations operating in the field of construction are required to have a production control system that has passed the evaluation procedure, which confirms the ability to conduct quality control and guarantee the safety of products (works) in construction in accordance with the requirements of technical normative legal acts in the field of technical regulation and standardization.

All companies, including individual entrepreneurs planning to carry out construction activities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, MUST receive a certificate of technical competence.

Certificate of Technical Competence
From 200$
  • Possibility of URGENT receipt of a certificate of technical competence;
  • Full information about all costs;
  • Organization of the expert's trip to assess the production control system without the presence of the Customer;
  • Defending the Customer's position;
  • Service "turnkey";
7 Days
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Without a certificate of technical competence of the production control system, you will not be issued such important and necessary documents as:

  • certificates of conformity for construction work according to the “Certification of works (services) in construction. Order of conduct";
  • certificate of conformity for construction work, as well as the performance of a General Constructor functions

The deadline for obtaining a certificate of technical competence is 5 days.

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