Construction certification, inspection control.

Construction certification, inspection control.

The certificates of conformity for construction work is a mandatory qualification requirement for obtaining a certificate of conformity for the construction of facilities of the first or fourth complexity classes

Construction certification, inspection control.
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The construction works are subject to mandatory certification:

  • Construction of solid concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
  • Window and doorways assembly.
  • Installation of internal engineering systems of buildings and structures.
  • Erection of wooden structures.
  • Erection of stone and reinforced stone structures.
  • Erection of light walling.
  • Erection of external networks and structures.
  • Prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures erection.
  • Structural steel erection.
  • Anti-corrosion coatings for building structures.
  • Road surfacing of pedestrian zones with paving slabs.
  • Insulating coatings.
  • Roofing.
  • Foundations of buildings and structures.
  • The thermal insulation of building and structures.

In case of positive certification, the state body issues certificates of conformity for construction work to the applicant; their validity period is 5 years. Every 1.5 years the Applicant has to go through inspection control and confirm the issued certificates of conformity.

Before the start of the inspection control, the specialists of our company will check all your documents and bring them in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the regulatory body, as well as organize the entire procedure and keep in touch with the expert. We will help you pass inspection control in the shortest and quickest time, without possible unforeseen incidents when your company is inspected by an inspection body.

We will do the routine of events related to obtaining these documents. We will carry out certification of works in construction “on a turnkey basis”, saving your time and money, which will allow you to focus on your main goal!

We provide free consultation. Specialists will consult you for free on any issues of interest, and on the procedure for obtaining certificates of conformity specifically for your company.