Customs Union Certificates

Customs Union Certificates

The Customs Union certificate (CU certification) is an official document confirming the quality of products according to the approved standards in the territory of the Customs Union. The customs union consists of three countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. These countries have agreed solely on the basis of technical and regulatory frameworks. The Customs Union certificate (Customs Union certification) is required for market entry  Customs Union by the customs authorities of each member state. The goal was to remove technical barriers, such as mandatory certification of trade between three countries, and reduce the number of mandatory technical procedures for importing goods and exporting goods from the territory of the Customs Union.

Customs Union Certificates
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The Customs Union certificate can be used to export goods to any country - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The certificate is also valid in each country. Thus, each company can export its goods to each country on the basis of one certificate of conformity. The certificate replaces the Customs Union of International Certificates of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The Customs Union certificate of conformity confirms the requirements of safety and electromagnetic compatibility and allows exporters and manufacturers to distribute their goods in the territory of the Customs Union.

Unfortunately, this certificate cannot be used instead of certificates of conformity for communication, fire safety certificates, National Register certificates and other mandatory or voluntary certificates of conformity. Despite this, the Customs Union certificate of conformity the is the easiest way for entrance to the market of three countries simultaneously - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Customs Union certificate is issued for a maximum period of 5 years. In particular, it is mandatory to obtain Technical Regulations of the Customs Union certificate for the following products:

  • Children's products;
  • Consumer goods manufacturing (bedclothes, underclothing);
  • Propellant-actuated devices;
  • Some types of equipment (in particular, low-voltage, domestic, industrial, working under pressure, etc.);
  • Some types of building materials (for example, crushed stone, sand for the construction and reconditioning of roads);
  • Cars and spare parts ;
  • Small size vessels;
  • Railway infrastructure;
  • Lift equipment and much more

The cost of processing and obtaining a certificate of conformity of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union depends on the inspection scheme and the type of products you declared.

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