Guide-interpreter services

Guide-interpreter services

Guide-interpreter – is a specialist who is proficient in a language of the corresponding tourist group. Are you planning to come on an excursion, or do you want to hold a business meeting in the Republic of Belarus, but have lack knowledge of language? It doesn’t matter; our team is ready to help you.

Guide-interpreter services
60 per day
  • Knowledge of vocabulary in a particular field;
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Our company is ready to provide services for the selection of a Guide-interpreter specializing in any language you need, accompanying a qualified interpreter at meetings, negotiations, excursions and other required need.

For our part, we guarantee the quality of our work, custom solutions to each client (s), as well as provision of quality services.

When dealing with our company, we guarantee taking into account all desires of our customers, which will result to the best event planning

Our goal is caring and fulfilling the desires of the client, which will help you focus on your goal in spite of the language gap.