Industrial tourism

Industrial tourism

Industrial tourism is a new direction, which involves conducting tours of advanced industries: factories, enterprises and factories. It is important to understand this is a great opportunity to become engrossed in the process of creating, processing of various products that you are used to seeing in window spaces. Visiting enterprise, factory, you will plunge into the work environment; understand its principles and specifics.

Industrial tourism
From 500$
  • Marketing research before the departure of the delegation;
  • Conducting negotiations with top managers and directors of enterprises;
  • Providing a lawyer or financier for negotiations;
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If you are interested in visiting a specific enterprise in the Republic of Belarus or abroad, we are ready to help you.

Our team is ready to render services in selecting an enterprise, as well as planning for this event: ordering tickets, accommodation, food service, transportation, if appropriate, providing language services, as well as operating a tour and other necessary events if you wish.

When dealing with our company, we guarantee taking into account all desires of our customers, which will result to the best event planning. Our goal is caring and fulfilling the desires of the client, which will help you focus on your goal.