The interpretation is considered the most popular type of translation activity in our time. Each company needs a professional translator when working with foreign partners and clients. Also, this kind of service is in demand for personal purposes (interpreting when applying to a notary's office, during marriage registration, etc.)

Our translation agency individually approaches each order. For your event, we will select a personal translator who specializes in the necessary field.

From 25$
  • Professional translators;
  • Any languages;
  • Any translation theme;
  • Departure to any place;
  • Individual approach to each client;
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In order to make our translator as suitable as possible for your requests, please provide us with as much information as possible:

  • about the venue of the event;
  • format of the event;
  • the duration of the event (the duration of the interpreter’s services at this event);
  • other useful information.

Our interpreting department offers you the following services:

  • consecutive interpretation at business meetings, presentations, public speaking, excursions;
  • meeting at the airport and escorting foreign guests / delegations;
  • the participation of the interpreter in the performance of notarial acts, during the marriage registration;
  • participation in other events where people of different nationalities and languages interact.