ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate


Quality Management System ISO 9001-2009 Certificate (also called: ISO 9001 Certificate; Quality Management System Certificate; ISO 9001:2000 Compliance Certificate,  etc.) –is a special document issued according to the rules of the certification system to certify the conformity of the quality of work and services in the organization with the requirements of the current ISO 9000 standards. Certification in the ISO 9001 system is necessary for the Company to improve the efficiency of quality management processes aimed at optimizing and improving operations, as well as participation in tenders and according to the requirements of customers.

ISO 9001 Certificate
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ISO 9001 is an international standard for defining a quality management system (QMS). It sets out various criteria (or standards) for quality management principles, such as customer focus, optimizing leadership and management in the organization, improving internal processes, and general methods for continuous improvement.

The numbers after ISO is an identifier for the standard. ISO 9001 is one of the best known ISO standards defining criteria for common quality management systems.

ISO 9001 is part of the wide family of ISOs 9000. All standards within ISO 9000 relate to quality management.

In essence, this standard is intended to help organizations be more efficient and more successfully meet the needs of their customers.

At least one million companies and organizations in more than 170 countries are ISO 9001 certified.

The size of the organization does not matter. It can be 1 person or 100,000.

ISO 9001 is a common standard for quality management - it does not matter in which industry you work.

The implementation of this quality management system in your Company will increase the chances in winning tenders and observing all the basic requirements of the Customer. This document enhances the image of your company.

The validity of the certificate is 3 years. Throughout this period of validity, state bodies, inspectors carry out mandatory periodic inspections. Based on the results, they confirm the validity of the certificate, or cancel / suspend its validity

QMS Certification in accordance with the requirements of the State Standard STB ISO 9001-2015 in the Republic of Belarus is a voluntary procedure and is not mandatory.

A certified Quality Management System gives construction companies many advantages when participating in tenders.

Ming You LLC will implement and organize for you:

  • will analyze the documentation available for the Customer on the administrative management, will check the availability of all permits, a business plan or a strategic development plan;
  • submit to the certification body an application and a package of documents for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001; Interaction with government bodies;
  • will develop data and documents (records) for the QMS implementation and certification for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001;
  • will develop a quality policy, quality guidelines, a set of standards and instructions, a package of action plans, a package of orders; audit programs and reporting documents; registers and lists; documentation on measuring instruments, equipment and tools; a package of necessary accounting ledgers; reporting documents on the implementation of the QMS and others;
  • will develop along the Customer the context of the enterprise (based on the business plan or strategic development plan of the enterprise), will analyze the external and internal factors, analysis of interested parties, the list and analysis of enterprise risks, measures to reduce losses from risks;
  • will assist in eliminating problem areas and inconsistencies identified during the certification process.

Our expert auditors are professionals with extensive practical experience in the field of management system who will help you receive this document in the shortest possible time and will help you draw up all the necessary documents.