Production certification

Production certification

The main way of conformity assessment is the ability of the certified production to deliver the highest standards of products according to those regulatory acts that determine the basic requirements for this product.

Production certification
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Types of production covered by the Quality Conformance:

  • High-volume production of similar  type on a long-term basis ;
  • One item production;
  • Churn out production, namely  Conveyor type production;
  • Series type production or Separate consignment;
  • Small batches or single or item production (in the case of handicraft technique production).

When the process of production certification takes place, experts focus attention on 4 main production points:

  • For products that are available (an quality assessment is made  in consumption and sales sphere , as well as potential possible defect causes);
  • For installation, storage, quality of cargo-handling operations, technological processes;
  • Entire repair and maintenance procedure  (repair and maintenance of equipment,  maintenance of equipment  and production tools, inspection of measuring-and-recording apparatus);
  • For periodic, qualification, routine testing; acceptance, operational and input inspection.

Production certificate is issued for a specified period. For the entire period of the production certificate validity period, the state body issued the certificate  and carried out the product certification,  always conducts a periodic inspection  and verification of production. If during the inspection, they detect imperfections of the entire production process, or  nonconformity of manufactured products to the established regulatory acts,  the certificate may be annulled by the authority or suspended for the period required for eliminating identified shortcomings.

Please note! Production Certification is not a mandatory procedure, but it allows you to use preferential terms additionally, exempting from taxes in the country of location of this production and delivering its products to other countries.

You can order production certification from our company. You can also get additional advice by phone, via e-mail, or using a special contact form, which is available in the section “Contact us.”