Schengen visas and visas to other countries

Schengen visas and visas to other countries

If you have a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Belarus for up to one year, foreign citizens of certain states have the opportunity to apply for Schengen visas on the territory of the Republic of Belarus without going to the country of permanent residence.

Schengen visas and visas to other countries
From 25$
  • 5 years of experience in the field of tourism;
  • Open visas to 30 countries and any Schengen countries;
  • 85% of customers contact us again;
  • More than 50 clients per month apply for visa support;
  • Applying for a visa for foreign citizens accompanied by an interpreter;
10-15 Days
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Our company employees are ready to assist in obtaining business, tourist invitations for obtaining Schengen visas, assistance in the preparation and completion of all necessary documents for submission to the Embassies, as well as accompanying you to the Consular Section when applying for a visa.

For more information about migration services provided by our company, as well as about the necessary documents and requirements for applying for them, you can find out from our company’s specialists by phone number, or during a personal meeting with specialists in the company’s office.

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