Search for manufacturers and products in China

Search for manufacturers and products in China

Each and every accomplished business related to Chinese goods is faced with a huge number of goods and suppliers in China. Matching for Chinese manufacturers is the art of efficiently processing a raft of (often inaccurate) information. Our staff will help you find suppliers in China that match your search criteria. Our approach is to implement a multi-level filtering process to identify suitable suppliers. Completed search, the Client is provided with all information about the supplier, contact details, prices, as well as our own assessment.

Search for manufacturers and products in China
  • Individual approach;
  • Deal control;
  • Production control;
  • Conduct of negotiations;
  • Professional consultation;
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The task of the sourcing company is to cope with the sensitive task of matching the most preferable supplier, provides you an opportunity to achieve a new efficiency improvement. In addition, our knowledge of the Chinese industrial landscape and traps and pitfalls increases your chances of cutting out the middleman and straight dealings with the factory.

Search for Chinese manufacturers, process:

Feasibility evaluation

Our team will study the characteristics, requirements and results of your project. Once priorities are clearly defined, we share our own findings. They are based on our knowledge of the Chinese industrial landscape and our understanding of procurement traps and pitfalls.

Product features

A “Product Specification” is a document that summarizes all the details of a project. It includes technical requirements, price, a certain quantity and quality. If you do not have this document, we will create it ourselves. A well-phrased product specification file improves China's search results.
To find Manufacturers

We pre-select suppliers based on requirements and priorities. The choice may cover whole China or focus on the target location. We introduce our own layer screen filters. Upon completion, we transmit the results (supplier files, photographs, brochures, quotes ...) to the e-mail of the Client or by transferring the file.

Sample order

We not only pursue the procurements from Chinese manufacturers, but also order samples on your behalf. Before sending samples to you, our inspector checks them. Hence, any technical or cosmetic issue is solved before placing an order. This step allows us to determine the skill level and support that the supplier can provide.


We provide support the price negotiation, terms and payment terms with a Chinese partner of your choice. Our sales and technical teams will help you verify the information provided by the supplier.