Tax accounting

Tax accounting

Tax accounting is based on accounting data. Tax accounting is the implementation of accounting for objects of taxation and determining the tax base for taxes, fees (duties) by taxpayers by means of settlement adjustments to accounting data. Tax accounting is conducted exclusively for tax purposes and tax control.

Tax accounting
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  • Highly qualified staff;
  • Optimization of tax accounting for customers;
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Our company, in addition to accounting, provides tax accounting services.

This service is suitable for organizations that have a staff of accountants that process primary documentation, but do not have a qualified tax accounting specialist.

The specialists of our company will help:

  • choose the optimal tax system;
  • prompt legal ways to minimize taxes;
  • prepare and submit tax statements to the Inspectorate for Taxes and Levies;
  • and other necessary operations, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client.

When concluding a contract for the provision of tax accounting services during the term of the contract, the company provides a bonus to each client in the form of free consultations on tax accounting as part of the client’s current activities.