In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, namely with the Rules for the stay of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens arriving in the Republic of Belarus must, within ten days (including the day of arrival, excluding public holidays and other holidays established and declared by the President of the Republic of Belarus as non-working days) register at their actual place of stay. It is possible to carry out this procedure in the internal affairs bodies (citizenship and migration departments), in hotels, hostels, sanatorium-resort and other health organizations.

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At present, some international agreements are in force in the Republic of Belarus, according to which citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Russian Federation and the Ukraine can stay in the Republic of Belarus without registration within thirty days from the day of entry.

The procedure for registration of foreign citizens is carried out on the basis of applications from foreigners, or applications from receiving organizations by affixing in the migration card of a foreign citizen a note that this citizen is registered for a specified period at the specified address. The registration process in the Department of Citizenship and Migration takes one business day. After a foreigner receives a migration card, it should always be kept in a passport until the foreign citizen leaves the Republic of Belarus. In case of loss of the migration card or its damage, the foreigner must come to the territorial body for citizenship and migration within three working days to receive a duplicate of the migration card with re- affixing the registration mark.

In the event of a change of place of residence, a foreign citizen must contact the Citizenship and Migration Department of the new district within three business days after moving and be registered at the new address.

The registration period in the Republic of Belarus is determined by the validity period of the visa of a foreign citizen and may not exceed ninety days in a calendar year from the date of first entry into the territory of the Republic of Belarus. If a foreign citizen has arrived in the Republic of Belarus in the manner that does not require a visa, the duration of his/her stay depends on the permitted length of stay specified in legislative acts or agreements. So, for example, citizens of the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine have the right to stay on the territory of the Republic of Belarus for up to 180 days within a year (90 days within six months) from the date of first entry.

In the absence of legal grounds for further stay in the Republic of Belarus, foreigners are required to leave the Republic of Belarus before the end of the temporary stay.

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