Test certificate

Test certificate

The execution of the Test certificate for products is the keystone for execution of documents that confirm the compliance of the product with the basic requirements. Regardless of the confirmation process  (certification, declaration), an assessment system (voluntary or mandatory) for compliance with GOST, Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, sanitary-epidemiological, environmental, medical, fire safety, etc., laboratory tests are carried out according to appropriate procedures . Compliance with the requirements is an important part of our business. Product testing is the only way to ensure that your products meet the requirements. There are different types of goods and products testing.

Test certificate
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The purpose of product testing is to verify the conformity of the product with one or more directives, regulations or safety standards. Insofar as there are different types of product regulations, there are also various types of testing, including:

  1. Substance Testing
  2. Electrical safety check
  3. Mechanical and physical tests (for example, strength tests and tests for compliance with certain standards)

Before you or your representative transfers the sample to a testing laboratory and further product certification, you need to determine what product standards apply to your product.

Why is a test certificate necessary?

Most suppliers are not able to comply with Belarusian product standards. However, even if you buy from a supplier who can prove substantial previous compliance, this is not a 100% guarantee that your lot meets the requirements. Production is not a science, and from time to time everything goes differently than it is stipulated in the technical regulations.

Therefore, execution of test certificate is the only way to ensure that your products comply with the applicable product safety standards in your country. Many importers believe that compliance should be the responsibility of the supplier, not the importer.

Eventually, the importer is responsible for product compliance, not the supplier. Non-conforming goods are subject to compulsory product withdrawal and may be confiscated by the customs authorities upon arrival. If someone is injured, you will also undo the damage. In some regulations, the buyer must also issue a certificate of conformity based on test reports. Thus, test certificate is not only a way to show product compliance, but also mandatory for certain products.

The purpose of these tests is to provide consumers with the right information and showcase the product capabilities and demonstrate which products provide the best value for money.

A special accredited laboratory, certified by state regulatory authorities (GOSSTANDART), conducts product testing; only in this case the protocols will have legal validity. The Test certificate is an official document that is necessarily included in the accompanied documentation for the products for the entire period of certificate validity or declaration of conformity. Test certificate must be issued necessarily for further certification and declaration of goods, or any other products.

The test certificate includes the following data :

  • Description of the test method;
  • Information on samples provided;
  • Sampling methods;
  • Assessment of compliance with the standards of quantitative and qualitative indicators obtained during the tests.

There are also different types of Test certificates. It is important to know and to comply!

Types of Test certificates:

  • Testing of consumer goods manufacturing
  • Toys Testing
  • Cosmetic products Testing
  • Furniture products Testing 
  • Fire safety tests
  • Chemistry tests
  • Food Testing
  • Tests for personal protective equipment
  • Fuel tests

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