Wellness tour

Wellness tour

In today's world, most people cannot boast about good health and feeling of well-being. More of the same, sickness and health problems are revealed, associated with the food quality, the environmental situation and other unfavorable factors. Therefore, health tourism is in great demand, which is aimed not only at the possibility of enjoying trip, but also health and well-being improvement.

Wellness tour
From 1000$
  • Speleotherapy;
  • Surgery;
  • Dental medicine;
14 Days
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For the tourist who has decided to improve their well-being, the Republic of Belarus offers many resorts, recreation houses, and medical and health centers. It should be noted the Republic of Belarus is rich in its environment world - forests, lakes and rivers, offering spectacular views over.

 Our company offers your assistance in preparing and organizing a wellness tour, according to your desires and preferences, as well advices given by your physician. Our goal is not only organizing a tour (choosing a place, time of stay, meals and transportation), but also taking into account your desires, guest satisfaction of the environment, as well as health improving

We guarantee you best selection of travel content for you wellness tour, which will give you comfort and delight.