Advice on accounting

Advice on accounting

Constantly changing legislation in the field of accounting and tax accounting often leads to the fact that organizations cannot correctly understand what to do in certain situations.

         In addition, many organizations are faced with the problem of overloading the accounting department with current issues, which does not allow for timely monitoring of changes in existing legislation. An organization may also encounter a problem when its specialists lack experience in certain accounting issues.

         The need for professional advice usually arises in the organization at the beginning of activity, with the growth of business volumes, with the need to change the tax system, and the emergence of new activities.

Advice on accounting
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  • Finding the best solution to the issue;
  • Consultation on any type of activity;
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Our company’s specialists monitor changes in legislation continuously and help organizations to avoid mistakes in accounting and tax accounting, to choose the appropriate taxation system.

In conditions of fierce competition, obtaining the necessary answer in a timely manner plays an important role. Our company understands this and in the shortest possible time will provide the necessary assistance in solving even the most difficult situations.

         Specialists of Ming You, LLC provide consulting services both orally and in writing.

The cost of consultations depends on the complexity of the question asked and the timing.

Often there are questions that require appeal to the relevant state bodies. When writing a request, the wording of the question plays an important role. It is no secret that how questions are asked such answers are received. The specialists of our company have vast experience in writing requests and obtaining the answers necessary for organizations.