Consular legalization. Apostille

Consular legalization. Apostille

Legalization of a document is the completion of a number of certain procedures to give a document legal force on the territory of another state. The ultimate goal of the document legalization procedure is the possibility of submitting it to the official bodies of another state. There are two main ways of legalizing documents: consular legalization and apostillation.

Consular legalization. Apostille
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Apostille is a special stamp affixed to documents that does not require further certification or legalization and is recognized by the official bodies of all countries parties to the Hague Convention of 1961.

Consular legalization of documents is provided for countries that have not acceded to the Hague Convention, and is a more complex procedure that includes several stages:

  1. Notarization of a copy of the document (if necessary, legalization of the original document is possible);
  2. Notarization of the document’s translation;
  3. Notary signature certification at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus;
  4. Certification of the authenticity of the seal of the Ministry of Justice and the signature of the authorized official by the General Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus;
  5. Subsequent certification at the consulate of the state that accepts the outgoing document.

The staff of our Translation and Interpreting Division will perform all the necessary procedures to legalize your documents as soon as possible, you only need to bring us the original document and get the finished order in a few days. For your convenience, we can accept / send your order by mail.