Management accounting

Management accounting

Management accounting - it is a system of collecting, registering, summarizing and providing objective information on the organization’s activities, necessary for decision-making by the management of a company (managers).

Currently, a growing number of companies have come to the need to conduct management accounting. This is due to the fact that the accounting system does not allow to identify many problems in the company that have a direct impact on financial results. The management accounting system enables a more complete analysis of the financial and economic state of the company, a more rational allocation of resources, cost optimization, and improved financial results.

Management accounting
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Organization and implementation of a management accounting system will help to solve such problems as:

  • carry out business planning through budgeting;
  • control the costs of the company;
  • analyze the deviation of the actual indicators from the planned ones.

The most rational system of management accounting is to automatize. This will allow management accounting to be carried out continuously, the information will be received in time and effective management decisions will be made.

         The management accounting system should meet specific needs of the company. Depending on this, the necessary indicators are included in the management accounting system, and items of expenses and income are detailed.

The specialists of Ming You, LLC will help organize and implement a management accounting system.

The specialists of our company are responsible for solving this problem. The organization and implementation of the management accounting system is carried out in several steps:

  1. Preparatory. At this stage, an analysis of the financial and economic activities of the company is carried out, the needs of the company are determined, the performance of the company is determined, which should be included in management accounting, the sources of information are determined.
  2. Organization. At this stage, an accounting policy is formed; forms of presentation of management accounting and methods for their preparation are developed and determined.
  3. Implementation. At this stage, the distribution of functions between the employees of the company and the necessary training of personnel is carried out.

Our specialists have the necessary professional qualifications and experience in order to correctly prepare financial statements in accordance with the requirements of IFRS.

The goal of our company is to do the routine work so that you can focus on the main tasks.