Special work permit

Special work permit

In the event that a Belarusian legal entity plans to employ a foreign specialist (or several, depends on the presence / absence of a permit to engage foreign labor to the Republic of Belarus), it must apply for a Special employment pass in the Republic of Belarus. This document confirms the right of a foreign employee (immigrant worker) to carry out labor activities with the employer of the Republic of Belarus.

Special work permit
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The special employment pass is obtained for a specific specialist. The permit shall indicate the name / surname of the foreign citizen, his/her passport details, position, and validity of the special permit and the name of the legal entity. The validity period of the special permit is one year and, if necessary, and the possibility of extending labor relations with a foreign citizen, the employer may extend the validity of the issued permit no earlier than two months before the expiration of the special permit and no later than two weeks before its expiration.

The total period for which the employer may obtain this pass is approximately 5 weeks, taking into account the submission of the necessary documents first to the body for labor, employment and social protection of the population, and then after a certain period, submission to the body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, namely directly to the Office for Citizenship and Migration of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

The state duty for issuing an employment pass in the Republic of Belarus is five basic units. In case of renewal of an employment pass, the state duty is three basic amounts. The payment is made to the account of the Office for Citizenship and Migration on behalf of the legal entity

At the moment, foreign companies do not have the right to issue Special employment passes for their employees, even if a contract is concluded with the Belarusian Party, unless otherwise provided by a special Decree or Order of the President of the Republic of Belarus. In other cases, the concept of an “Employer” applies only to legal entities of the Republic of Belarus.

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