Legal services for business

Cost: from 10$
Terms: 1 Day
  • Service provision by a licensed company
  • Turnkey Services
  • A wide range of services provided
  • Provision of services by highly qualified specialists with great work experience
  • Confidentiality of services rendered
  • Service provision by a licensed company
  • Ability of a client independently make a list of necessary services
  • The law firm will not go on vacation or sick leave
  • Law firm can work in multitask mode
  • Confidentiality of services rendered

Legal services for business

Legal services provided by professional and experienced professionals are a guarantee of the security and development of your business.

Our company is ready to offer you the following legal services:

  • Legal advice;
  • Drawing up legal documents of any complexity and subject;
  • One-time legal services;
  • Comprehensive legal services (outsourcing of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs).

In its activities, any organization will ever face the need to obtain professional legal services.

The choice of the form of cooperation (employment of a lawyer or legal outsourcing) is yours! In turn, our team is ready to offer YOU:

Comprehensive legal services

Includes such services as:

  • Legal advice;
  • Preparation of claims and actions;
  • Preparation of contracts;
  • Legal examination of contracts;
  • Development of local legal acts;
  • Preparation of organizational and administrative documentation (orders, instructions);
  • Participation of a lawyer in negotiations, meetings;
  • Representation of interests of the client in government bodies and other organizations (except courts).
  • And other legal services.

The service package will be formed taking into account your wishes and needs of your Company.



One-time legal services – at your request


  • Legal advice;
  • Registration of business; establishment of representative offices, registration of construction sites, registration as a HTP resident, etc.;
  • Selling a business;
  • Reorganization of the legal entities;
  • Amendments to the constituent documents of Your Company;
  • Change of location (legal address) of the organization, Representative Office;
  • Change of the executive body of the organization;
  • Replacement of the Head of the Representative Office;
  • Support for administrative licensing procedures;
  • Support of administrative procedures for opening retail facilities, information resources of trade entities (online stores), catering facilities;
  • Preparation of corporate and other legal documents;
  • Preparation of contracts and its legal examination ;
  • Other legal services on request.

Benefits of Legal Outsourcing:

  1. A law firm has a name and reputation that are of paramount importance to it, while evaluating the qualities of a full-time lawyer during a probationary period can be expensive for an Employer.
  2. Lawyers in a law firm work in separate areas. Some conduct contractual work and claim work, specializing in civil and commercial law, others specialize in tax and customs law, while others specialize in administrative procedures and the administrative process, which undoubtedly gives an advantage over the only lawyer in the state, since the client’s question will be examined from different angles.
  3. A law firm does not go on vacation and does not get sick.
  4. To maintain a high professional level, the law firm engages its employees to trainings, continuing education courses and other educational events at no additional cost to clients. Is the employer willing to invest a lot of money in a full-time lawyer and who will perform the duties of a full-time employee during his/her absence?
  5. A law firm can operate in multitasking mode, while a full-time lawyer will be forced to prioritize tasks.
  6. Choosing a law company, you will reduce the cost of acquiring information and analytical systems for a full-time lawyer.