Notarization of translator's signature

Notarization of translator's signature

Very often, when translating documents, it is necessary to perform additional procedures, such as making a notarized copy from the original document or (and) notarizing the translator’s signature.

Notarization of translator's signature
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What are they needed for?

Depending on which authority your translated document will be presented to, it can be certified either by the seal of our translation agency or by a notary. If you need to perform a certified translation, first a specialist with a translation diploma translates the document and signs this document, then the authenticity of his/her signature will be certified by a notary. Upon completion of this procedure, the completed translation is stitched either with the original of this document, or with its notarized copy (in case the document is issued in the territory of the Republic of Belarus).

Why should they do an additional procedure when they can stitch a translation with the original?

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, for example, when your documents have hardcover or laminated. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that when providing a translation to the necessary authority (migration service, embassy, etc.), most often the translation is not returned back. So to save the important documents (for example, a birth certificate) and not to engage in its re-issuance, we advise you to make a notarized copy.

For many years, our translation agency has been working side by side with notaries in Minsk; we can quickly and efficiently perform any notarial acts for You.