Technical translation

Technical translation

A technical translation means any non-literary translation, that is, the translation of technical texts that relate to the fields such as medicine, electronics, law, and economics. In a narrower concept, technical translation is a translation of a text from the field of applied sciences, including computer science, chemistry, automotive, metallurgy, geology, etc.

Technical translation
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What is the peculiarity of this type of translation?

As a rule, texts of this type are filled with special vocabulary, specific terms, and abbreviations. Technical translation of documents is a complex, multi-stage process, which, in addition to fluency in a foreign language, requires narrow specialization and knowledge of certain terminology. The translator cannot replace the words with synonyms and “play with words”, the translation of each wording is carried out clearly in accordance with the equivalent of this phrase in a foreign language.

Today, translations in the fields of construction and architecture, the chemical and food industries, mechanical engineering and aircraft manufacturing, communication and networks, and medicine are in the greatest demand.

Examples of translated documents:

  • translation of technical instructions, presentations;
  • translation of regulatory documents, licenses, patents, certificates;
  • translation of design specifications and estimates as well as construction documentation;
  • translation of protocols, acts, certificates, technical passports;
  • translation of business correspondence;
  • Articles from scientific medical journals, and other;

The cost of technical translation differs from other areas, since this kind of translation requires a thorough study of terminology, more time and a wide understanding of this field of expertise.