Certification of equipment, services

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Certification of equipment, services

Declaration and certification of equipment is a mandatory procedure necessary to confirm compliance of an object with the requirements of the current Technical Regulations of the Customs Union,  " On safety of machines and equipment " (010/2011), " Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means " (020/2011) and  " On safety of low-voltage equipment "(004/2011).

 Ming You, LLC provides a full range of services for receiving certificates and declarations of conformity required for sale and not only in the Customs Union and for standard and quality of imported products compliance.

When planning the import and delivery of equipment, or set up its own production, the company should examine the requirements for equipment certification.

Types of Certificates:

  •  EAEU certificate (certification of equipment, compliance with technical regulations of the Customs Union)
  • Certificate of origin (certificate of origin, product certification)
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Mandatory certification

Ming You, LLC helps you to obtain the following approval documents and expert reviews:

  1. Test certificates
  2. Manufacturing authorization
  3. Certification of manufacturing site in PRC
  4. Service certification

All tests of equipment and products are carried out in certified testing centres. Certification services are carried out by qualified experts in accordance with the legislation of the Customs Union.

Our company provides a full range of certification services for of equipment and goods at absolutely any stage in the shortest possible time.

Over the years, we have assisted our clients not only get hundreds of permitting documents, but also minimize significantly on these processes by optimizing all stages.

We know everything about certification of equipment, products, and certification of manufacturing facilities in PRC. In addition, we cooperate with more than twenty testing laboratories. We know where the lowest and best prices are.

If it is difficult for you to gain an understanding all the required procedures, please contact Ming You, LLC, we will render no-cost consultation for you.